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Professional Duct Cleaning in New York

Air Duct Professionals is proud to serve New York and the surrounding 5 boroughs with cleaning services that are unsurpassed by our competition. Not only do we offer quality services, but we treat all our customers with respect and friendliness as well. Your experiences with Air Duct Professionals will always be purely positive ones.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Air Duct Professionals boasts of very competitive pricing when it comes to dryer vent cleaning. We will charge anywhere from $125 to $275, depending on a number of factors. Those are the length of dryer vent, accessibility to the vent, type of dryer, and the possible need for additional services. We have a long history of providing New York with the best prices available!
Dryer Vent Cleaning in Manhattan
chimney cleaning in New York City

Chimney Cleaning

Here at Air Duct Professionals, we offer just chimney sweeping and the price ranges from $125 to $295. Steer clear of companies offering chimney sweeping for just $69 since they may not do a thorough job and may try to tack on additional charges to drive the price significantly higher. We guarantee a great experience for you!

Air Duct Cleaning

When we come clean your air ducts, we only use NADCA certified equipment for your peace of mind. We will inspect and clean all system components to make sure that everything is in working order. Not only do we clean your air ducts, but we also sanitize and deodorize so your property will look and smell like it's brand new.
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